Brilliant, as the word suggests, is a new range of Trespex sheets created by TRE CI for new precious designs,...

Thin Sheets

These sheets are always available in stock in our warehouse: 1 MM-THICK SHEETS IN CLEAR 1001, WHITE 3000, BLACK 3039,...

Standard Sheets

Clear, coloured, fluorescent, even, suitable for laser-cutting, with no faults or tensions… our standard in sheet manufacturing is perfection!


We have been manufacturing top-quality TRESPEX blocks since 1993. They are clear, even and without any tension. We guarantee the...


This pattern is an evergreen 3 mm of thickness clear is always in stock. Note: Available thicknesses: 3, 4, 5,...

Ice Crushed Sheets

Whether applied to sheets or blocks, the ice crushed sheets have never lost its appeal over time. Colourless 6mm-thick sheets...

2 and 3 Layers Cast Sheets

Whether it be pyramid-shaped, ice crushed , smooth, frosted, coloured, fluorescent or any other pattern, our imagination knows no limits!...

Sand Blasted Sheets

A warm delicate finish has been trendy in the past few years 3mm-thick sheets are always available in 16 colours,...

Smart Round Rods

These are cast acrylic tubes containing clear, coloured or metallic resin, or else coloured scraps or glitters. A fancy rod...

Smart Blocks

Three-layers sandwich blocks with a 20mm central thickness, featuring bubbles and/or glitters.

Multi-layers Blocks

Dual Sand Blasted blocks with 5, 7 or 11 layers are available. You may select any colour you like and...

Trespex B.W.

A wrinkled perforated black and white vinil film is embedded in clear or colored sheets.

Trespex Diamond

Trespex Diamond are sheets made with a twin Pyramid pattern. On request, one of the surfaces may have colored glitters...

Trespex Graffiti

Sand blasted or ice crushed sheets color or/and glitter decorated.


Three-layers sandwich sheets with a 15 or 20 mm central thickness, featuring bubbles, clear, colored and/or glitters.

Trespex Decò

Mono sand-blasted clear or colored sheets decorated with thin, clear random lines.

Combicast Fast

Self Curing Acrylic Resin for Custom Embedments from 30 to 100 mm. of thickness.


Acrylic Resins for Bondings.

Trespex Matrix

Printed clear sheets with designing and imaginative decorations: Pythons, Snakes, Leopards.